TacMap for Transport Hubs

SYPTE Director of Customer Experience, David Young, said:
“We are committed to making our transport facilities as accessible as possible, which is why we have worked closely with SRSB and TacMap to become the first PTE in the country to make this kind of information available in interchanges”.


Damian Dutton, Senior Network Accessibility Officer (Mobility),
South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive:
“The tactile maps are a significant development in assisting visually impaired people to navigate buildings and facilities that were previously inaccessible to them. They are innovative, intuitive and extremely well designed, managing to be both attractive and engaging. TacMaps have enabled South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive to increase the accessibility of our sites and provide a more user friendly public transport network. They have further allowed us to demonstrate our commitment to our Equality obligations and to supporting passengers who need the extra help to take full advantage of the facilities we provide ”.