TacMap for Museums

TacMap for accessible History and Art.
Our system makes museums more enjoyable, interesting and fun to explore for everybody…
Introduce from your entrance hall what exhibits can be found and where, show the public where your café, shop and reception are and what route you would recommend your visitors.
At the Kelham Island Museum, our system offers equal opportunities to visually impaired visitors and also to wheelchair users, children, deaf people to understand their surroundings, to know what they can’t miss, to fully use all the services, and by consequence enjoy their visit.



John Hamshere, Kelham Island Museum Manager
“Our TacMap shows what we have in the Museum and how to get to it. It works for all visitors and not just those with visual impairments and we intend to use the experience from this to roll out improvements throughout the Museum. People stop and use it before they come to reception. It makes them more aware that we are a venue that is accessible. My personal view is that having a TacMap as the first thing sighted visitors see when they enter the Museum will also serve to raise a general awareness of access issues in Museums and other public buildings and spaces. This should be the norm everywhere!”