TacMap for Indoor Markets

TacMap is in operation @ the Sheffield Moor Market.
We have been working closely with our client and the Sheffield City Council Access Group to improve information and navigation in the new modern building. Our inclusive tactile floor plan installed at the main entrance gives the public tactile and visual information enabling them to get a sense of the Market open space, the services and stalls made available.
The tactile floor plan is composed with easy-to-read tactile symbols, colour coding, large print and Braille providing equal opportunity to all the customers to localise the 200 stalls (meat, fish, grocery, general, fruits and veg), the information desk, the cafe, level access, entrances, fire escapes and toilets. Our client can now offer the same quality of communication to visually impaired people, wheelchair users, elderly, dyslexic, foreign people, people with mental disability and children to efficiently do their shopping!


Andy Ward, Moor Market Manager:

“The TacMap in our new Moor Market has proved to be very popular and a useful addition for our blind and partially sighted customers. It allows them to navigate around the market and find the different types of service available and goods that are on sale, find our customer services desk, the cafes and toilets and the major entrances”.