TacMap for Blind Societies

The Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind has a wide range of services to meet the needs of children and adults of all ages and to improve their clients quality of life. We recently produced a custom-designed tactile map to advertise these services and make the Centre entrance hall more inviting and accessible. The map illustrates the main building floor layout and help the users know the distance and direction they have to walk to access and find the reception, the seating area, the dinning room, the cafe counter, the toilets, the meeting rooms. The SRSB has worked with the developers of TacMap for a number of years, providing feedback from visually impaired people which has aided its development. Audio description of their space and portable tactile maps have also been produced to help totally blind people understand the building layout before their visit.


Steve Hambleton, Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind General Manager

“The tactile plan of our building, supplied by TacMap, enables people with all levels of vision from fully sighted through to totally blind to use the same plan to find their way around our building, identifying the different rooms through large tactile print, braille and symbols . It is therefore totally inclusive and not something produced separately just to meet the needs of blind and partially sighted people. This benefits all visitors to the building and also allows SRSB as an organisation to demonstrate good practice to other organisations/businesses when promoting accessibility for blind and partially sighted users”