The benefits TacMap provides

There are around 2 million visually impaired people in the UK and this number is likely to rise to 4 million by 2050 (RNIB), around 1.2 million people are wheelchair users (NHS), 55,000 people are registered Deaf and 159,00 registered as hard of hearing (RNID).

Therefore, inclusive and accessible information is becoming more and more important for public spaces.

TacMap is a simple and innovative system enabling people to acquire information about how a building or an individual floor is laid out and to know what facilities are made available to them. Our system including static tactile maps and portable tactile maps, door signage and audio description provides a valuable resource to those wishing to familiarise themselves with a place and to navigate around independently.

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Our quality products and services are intended for use by totally blind, partially sighted and sighted people. Our system
benefits some of the most vulnerable people in a society where most of the signage is visual. Proven to be very popular in many public spaces, our 3D maps are also very useful for wheelchair users who need to know the most accessible way to go from one point to another and need to find the lift, the access ramp and the accessible toilets for instance.

Quality multi-sensory map for indoor and oudoor spaces

Our 3D tactile maps can be installed  in any public spaces:
-bus and train stations, indoor markets, museums, theatres,
hotels, hospitals, schools, universities, arenas, sports and leisure centres, shopping centres, banks, restaurants, cinemas, libraries…

Our system can help you transform your venue into an
ccessiblesafer and inviting space for all your visitors. Our unique maps can be read by touch and by sight as they
include information shown in raised large print, tactile raised lines, easy-to-read tactile symbols, with contrasted colours, and Braille.

We have been working for over the past 9 years with many
organisations in the UK
-help them improve their health and safety performance and the customer service they deliver
-help them satisfy their duty under the Equality Act/ Disability Discrimination Act
-make people aware that they are an accessible venue, that they appreciate all their customers
-make their place easy to use and navigate into independently
-enable their visitors with special needs, of all ages and
 to fully utilise their facilities

What our clients say about our tactile maps

Damian Dutton, Senior Network Accessibility Officer
(Mobility), South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive:

“ The tactile maps are a significant development in assisting
visually impaired people to navigate buildings and facilities that were previously inaccessible to them. They are innovative,
intuitive and extremely well designed, managing to be both
attractive and engaging. TacMaps have enabled South
Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive to increase the
accessibility of our sites and provide a more user friendly public transport network. They have further allowed us to demonstrate our commitment to our Equality obligations and to supporting passengers who need the extra help to take full advantage of the facilities we provide ”.

John Hamshere, Kelham Island Museum Manager:
“Our TacMap shows what we have in the Museum and how to get to it. It works for all visitors and not just those with visual
impairments and we intend to use the experience from this to roll out improvements throughout the Museum. People stop and use it before they come to reception. It makes them more aware that we are a venue that is accessible. My personal view is that having a TacMap as the first thing sighted visitors see when they enter the Museum will also serve to raise a general
awareness of access issues in Museums and other public buildings and spaces. This should be the norm everywhere!”

More testimonials coming soon on our Projects page!


Our portable tactile maps for visually impaired people

Produced on A4 swell paper, the portable version of our maps is a handy solution to help your visually impaired visitors to
familiarise themselves with your space before their visit.
The portable maps work in complement with the more
detailed static tactile maps. Copies can be made available from your venue reception/ customer service, from the Blind Society of the town, and also from our website.

hand on map  Nicky Gardner 12th May 2
main Carol Daren  Alan shopping
Our novel and simple solution enables blind and partially
sighted people to get essential information about a place and to navigate their way around indoor spaces supporting their
independence, confidence and enriching everyday life.