Let’s make your venue inclusive and accessible
with our tactile / braille signage solutions

We specialise in creating tactile maps for the visually impaired.
Let’s make your venue accessible easier to navigate into and safe for people with disability
TacMap is now available in France and in the United Kingdom

Tactile and braille maps for blind and partially sighted people

Our tactile maps have been designed to dramatically improve accessibility and navigation for visually impaired people whilst also improving signage and orientation for sighted people.

Satisfy your visitors of all ages and abilities

We can help you improve the customer service you deliver, meet your visitors needs, satisfy your duty under the DDA and make your place easy to use and to navigate into.

TacMap soon on Phones and Tablets…

TacMap is a unique Design Company. Working in the field of social
, our system has been widely acclaimed as a step-change in
. More info soon